Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Careers Week

For those of us who thought we would have a bit of time to relax between our first week of practicum and the coming six weeks, we were very, very misguided.

Already pedagogically overwhelmed by the amazing and thought provoking #edchatNZ conference, after more than 6 hours of talks from the PPTA, Teachers Council and co-ordinators of IB and CIE, I was feeling swallowed up by the profession in general.  Add on top of this interviews with 8 Principals or APs from 8 very different Auckland schools, over two afternoons, and yep, exhausted!

The latter was certainly an interesting experience, with Principals varying in personality as much as their schools did.  I certainly wasn't overly impressed when the butt of a joke for being short, or being told I would be "popular due to my blind enthusiasm" (I am still rankled by that one).  Yet I've shrugged it off.  Enthusiastic I might be, but with immediate family entrenched in the profession I am well aware of the positives and the pitfalls of teaching, thank you very much! 

Yet with the neutral and the bad came the good, and some of the interviews went amazingly well.  I even got an offer to come check out one school and their department who, yes, has a Chemistry job for next year!  Now I just have to get through the rest of the week, with my sights set on the next six weeks in my practicum school, knowing that the next time I step into a classroom it will be my own.  

Frightening and exhilarating.

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